Introducing LoadCalc Professional!

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At last the wait is over! LoadCalc Professional! is available after several years of waiting! LoadCalc Professional! is the full realization of a custom DOS program written for several loggers 15 years ago. Initially, it was planned to be a sister product to CruiseCalc Version 3.08 for DOS, but when CruiseCalc development moved to the Windows platform, LoadCalc  for DOS development was put on hold while CruiseCalc for Windows was being finished and taken to market. Once CruiseCalc was released, our company priorities changed and LoadCalc development was postponed again. However,  LoadCalc was not forgotten, nor was it far from our minds, it was just waiting its turn.


With this release of LoadCalc Professional!, the full scope of our original plan has been put into place. Not only does LoadCalc live up to the original expectations, but it exceeds them in so many ways. This product is the result of features developed and honed in the many different applications our company has written in the interim. It is the best of our best so to speak.


The user interface is a direct descendent of CruiseCalc and yet we've been able to improve on our original concept many times over. The data storage system boasts the speed, dependability, and durability to handle any sized organization. The number of available reports and the number of various ways you can filter the reports dwarfs our original LoadCalc for DOS product.


In short, CruiseCalc For Windows may be the easiest Timber Cruise Software available, but LoadCalc Professional! is the best Load Management System Ever!


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