Print Preview Toolbar

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Whenever you choose to preview a report prior to printing, the report window will open and display the report you have selected and will look just like the report will look when printed on paper. Usually in the upper left-hand corner of the print preview window you will see the Print Preview Toolbar as above.


The Print Preview Toolbar will allow you to step through each page of the report, or move quickly to the beginning or end of the report by clicking on the VCR navigational buttons. Clicking the multi-page button in between the navigational buttons will bring up a prompt to select the specific page that you want to jump to.


Click the Percentage drop-down menu to select the display size of the preview report. This is most useful to help see a full page in the Report Preview window.


The Exit button looks like a doorway with an arrow pointing to it. This will close the Report Preview Window AND the Print Preview Toolbar. If you close the Print Preview Toolbar by clicking the Red 'X' in the top right-hand corner of the Print Preview Toolbar, the Report Preview window will be left open and you will have to press the 'ESC' key to close the previewed report.


Clicking the Printer button will close the Report Preview window and give you an option box to select the preferred printer and other options such as the number of copies, etc.