File Control Toolbar

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Many screens within LoadCalc Professional! include the File Control Toolbar. This series of buttons allows users to control any file activities related to the table/record currently displayed on the screen. For example, if the Tract List Window is open, clicking on the 'Add' button will insert a new record in the Tracts table and set up the screen to allow editing of all of the fields.


Any change to any field on a screen that has the File Control Toolbar will activate the 'Save' button which must be pressed by the user to save the changes made. If the user clicks the 'Exit' button before clicking the 'Save' button when the 'Save' button is activated, the system will prompt the user to save their changes before exiting the screen.


Add - Add a new record
Delete - Delete a record
Undo - Reverse any changes made
Save - Save any changes
Exit - Close the current window


Occasionally, additional buttons will be made available to the user. These include 'Print' and 'History'. The Print button will provide access to a quick report of the information displayed on the screen, while the History button will display a list of load tickets entered for the displayed record within the Tract, Logger, Hauler and Mill screens.