Pop-Up Calendars

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Whenever you see a small button with a miniature calendar icon 16-078-calendar2 usually found at the end of a date field or next to a column of dates in a grid, it means that when you click on the button a small pop-up calendar will appear for you to interact with to select the date you want without having to manually type the date. You can certainly type in the date manually, but sometimes it is just easier to pop-up the calendar, particularly if the date you want is within the same month.


You can click the drop-down button next to the Month and Year to select prior or future months in the perpetual calendar.


Once you've located the date you want, you can either double-click on the specific day you want, or simply click the 'Select' button.


If you want to cancel the selection process, click the 'Cancel' button to return to the previous screen without selecting a date.