Financial Reports - Settlement Worksheets

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Settlement Worksheets are special reports that you can use to calculate the amounts to be paid to Loggers, Haulers and Land Owners. As you enter Load Tickets, you are prompted whenever new, unique combinations of Tract Id, Logger Id, Hauler Id, Mill Id, and Product Id to update Settlement Rates for Loggers, Haulers and Land Owners. Additionally, you can edit Settlement Rates at any time from the Tract Settlement Rates screen. These rates are then multiplied by the weight delivered amounts entered on Load Tickets.


When you open the Settlement Worksheets screen, you first select the type of report you want to print by clicking on one of the tabs labeled Loggers, Haulers, or Land Owners. On each of these tabs you are provided with a way to select the range of dates you want to be included on the report as well as picking various report filters for Loggers, Haulers and Tracts. Click the the calendar button 16-078-calendar2 to access a Pop-Up Calendar to ease the selection of dates. Click the drop-down buttons on each of the other options to filter the report any way you prefer.


A special type of Settlement Worksheet is found on the Stumpage tab. This report allows a user to run a report to determine how much money is due to be paid to the company from various mills based upon the Stumpage rates entered on the Tract Settlement Rates screen. This report can be filtered for a single Tract or Mill. You can also choose to only include Unpaid tickets for a more accurate or at least more specific Ticket Settlement worksheet for any range of dates.





Click the 'Print' button to choose a Report Destination prior to printing the report. When you click the 'Print' button the system will automatically check to see if any of the Load Tickets that meet the filtering criteria  you've selected are linked to Tract Settlement Rates that are zero values. If any zero value rates are detected, the system will prompt you with a screen notifying you that zero value rates have been found and it will ask you if you want to print a list of these rates. A simple listing of all the Settlement Rates that are zero will print to your destination selection. Use this listing of zero valued rates as a checklist to go back into the Tract Settlement Rates Screen and update any rates you need to update prior to attempting to re-print the Settlement Worksheets.




If zero values are found, the system will next prompt you to determine whether you wish to proceed with printing the Settlement Worksheet:




Click 'Yes' to continue printing the Settlement Worksheet you've selected, or click 'No' to cancel the report.



A sample of the report is below: