Tract Production Results

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The Tract Production Totals screen records the Products cut off a Tract along with the total Delivered amounts of each species. You can enter these records manually or they will entered automatically for you as you enter Load Tickets.




If you enter the Production records manually, you can select the Product Id from a drop-down list and the Expected Cut amount. All other columns will be updated automatically by LoadCalc Professional! as load tickets are entered.


The Expected Cut should be the amount you expect to deliver from the Tract for each individual species. The system will update Actual Cut amounts and Actual Loads from the Load Tickets entered for the selected Tract.


The Tract totals will always reflect the total to date of the Expected, Actual, and Loads columns automatically. New delivery amounts as well as changes to Load Tickets are automatically reflected here without any additional work on your part.


For Example, if you enter a Load Ticket for the wrong tract, and then edit the Load Ticket to reflect the correct tract, the amount entered on the load ticket will be moved from the first tract to the second tract respectively. If the species record was created at the time the Load Ticket was entered, the species production record will be left here even if the actual amount delivered is moved to another tract and the Actual Cut will be shown as zero.



tipsIf you are ever in doubt as to the totals listed here, you can run the Re-Calculate Production Totals on the Tools Menu and re-calculate the total values  for all amounts on tracts based upon the load tickets stored in the system. This procedure is designed to be non-destructive, but it would be a good idea to back up your data prior to running this process. Depending upon the number of tickets you have entered into the system, this procedure can take several minutes.