Tract Income

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The Tract Income screen is where you can record any payments you have received for timber cut and delivered from the Tract.




You can enter the Date the check was received (You can click the small calendar button to access a pop-up calendar to pick your date.), a short description of the payment (this might be a good place to record a check number), select the mill that made the payment, the Chk # and the Stumpage column is where you would enter the total amount received. You can also enter Comments up to 250 characters on each record entered.


Anytime you view this screen, the Tract Total reflects the total of all amounts received to date on this Tract.


After you complete the entry of the payment details, you can click the 'Clear Tkts' button to Clear Paid Tickets with the payment you just entered.



tipsYou must enter a Date, select a Mill and enter a Chk # before the 'Clear Tkts' button will activate and allow you to click on it.




If you wish to print a Tract Profit/Loss Report, this screen should be updated, otherwise the Tract will show no Income and will appear as a total loss.