Tract Expenses

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Use the Tract Expenses screen to record any expenses that are directly related to the selected Tract.





When add a record to this screen, you can enter a short description of the expense. Next you can select an Expense Type from a drop-down menu in the Exp Type column. Next enter the date of the expense, remembering that you can click the small calendar next to the date column to pick the date you want from a pop-up calendar. Finally, the Amount column is where you will enter the total amount of the expense. At the bottom of the grid, you can enter Comments up to 250 characters on each of the records entered in the table.


Anytime you access this screen, the Tract Total amount will reflect the total amount of all expenses recorded on the Tract.



tips LoadCalc Professional! is not a 'true' accounting system in the sense that Settlement Reports do not automatically post to the Tract Expenses screen. This is due to the fact that there may be other factors involved in the final amounts written to Loggers. Also, because LoadCalc Professional! does not print checks there may be variations in the amounts determined to be settlements by LoadCalc and the final check that you write to a logger.


If you want the total expenses of the Tract reflected on the Profit/Loss report, you must manually enter all checks written against the Tract on this screen.