Registering LoadCalc Professional!

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LoadCalc Professional! is initially installed as an Unregistered Demo. The Unregistered Demo is fully functional with the exception that you can only enter up to 25 load tickets. Otherwise, the program operates just as the Registered product does. There are no other limitations within the demo. All reports can be previewed and/or printed and you can enter as many tracts, loggers, haulers, mills, etc. as you desire.


LoadCalc Professional Registration Screen

LoadCalc Professional Registration Screen



In order to register the product, you must first place an order on our website or contact our offices to purchase over the telephone. When you purchase online, it usually takes 5-10 minutes for our office to be notified that your payment has been received. After that, you can give us a call at 1-601-483-4404 between 8:00am and 5:00pm Central Standard Time and request your Registration Key. A Registration Specialist at Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. will ask for some basic information about you or your company. This information is strictly to help us identify you and will only be used to notify you about updates and/or new releases. It will never be sold or given to anyone else. After completing the initial interview, the Registration Specialist will ask for your Activation key, which should be listed on the Registration Screen immediately below the Company field. You will be provided with a 4-6 digit Registration Key that you should enter into the Registration Key field.


If the Registration Key has been entered correctly, the 'Complete Registration' button  will activate and light up. When it does, click the 'Complete Registration' button and the program will be fully activated and all features will be unlocked.


Note: Each computer accessing LoadCalc Professional! will need a separate Registration Key. Unregistered users can run reports and access basic information, but they will be unable to enter load tickets.