Query Load Tickets

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There may be times when you wish to retrieve Load Tickets from the tickets stored in the Load Ticket table in ways that may or may not be available to you via the normal reports that come pre-installed with LoadCalc Professional!. To provide you with maximum functionality in this regard, LoadCalc has a special screen included called 'Query Load Tickets' that you can use to pull up tickets in any way you need to:





You can enter details into the blank fields on this screen and each time you change something, the 'Run Query' button will activate, turn red and you can then click the 'Run Query' button to search the history for the Load Tickets that match the selections you've made.


For example, if you want to see all of the Load Tickets entered for a single Logger, enter the Logger Id into the appropriate field and then click the 'Run Query' button to retrieve all of the Logger's tickets.


You can perform a query on any combination of settings. If no tickets are found for the combination you've entered then the grid will remain blank and the Sub-Totals window will indicate that 'No Tickets' were available.


You can sort the grid at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the header name of any column to sort by that column. The grey triangle 11-238-triang_gray will move to the column header that you click on to remind you of the current sorting column. The triangle will point in the direction of the sort. It points up to indicate the sort is Ascending, and it points down to indicate that the sort is Descending.



tipsWhen setting up your query, the Start Date and End Date fields have two very special extra features attached to them. If you enter a Start Date and leave the End Date blank, the Query engine will retrieve all tickets entered on the Start Date as well as any tickets entered on any date AFTER the Start Date. Conversely, if you enter an End Date and leave the Start Date blank, all tickets entered on the End Date and any date PRIOR to the End Date will be retrieved.


tipsPut your cursor in any field and press the space bar and then hit the TAB button, the 'Run Query' button should light up so you can click on it. When you click on the 'Run Query' button with empty Query Fields will retrieve ALL tickets in the Load Ticket Table. This is a quick way to pull a total for all tickets entered in LoadCalc Professional!.


tips Notice that the last column with the header titled 'Pd' indicates whether a ticket has been paid or not. This is also indicated by a bold font shown on all paid tickets.