Pay Adjustments

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Use the Logger Pay Adjustments window to enter adjustments to be applied to Settlement Worksheets for the selected Logger. You can access this screen from the More...Tab on the Logger List screen.


You can enter a short description of the adjustment which will appear on the Settlement Worksheet.


There are three types of adjustments that you can select: Dollar, Percent and Per Load. Dollar adjustments are flat dollar amounts that will be added or subtracted directly from the final total of the Settlement Worksheet for the selected loggers. Percent adjustments are percentage values that will be calculated against the final total of the Settlement Worksheet. Per Load adjustments are flat dollar amounts that are multiplied against the total number of loads on the Settlement Worksheet.


Adjustment Amounts can be either positive or negative and will provide Credits or Debits against the total amount of the Settlement Worksheet for the selected logger respectively.


Checking the Active checkbox means that the adjustment will be calculated on all future Settlement Worksheets and unchecking this box effectively makes the adjustment inactive and will prevent the adjustment from being calculated.



It should be noted that Pay Adjustments are not permanent and are not stored within LoadCalc Professional! and only appear on the Settlement Worksheets. These adjustments are included to provide a reference to the Payor that adjustments should be taken on the final check written to the Logger. Adjustments are applied to the totals calculated on any Settlement Report regardless of the date range of the report. Therefore care must be taken to only include date ranges on the Settlement reports that you know haven't been paid yet or adjustments can be calculated for previous loads. Understand that Adjustments are provided only as a convenience NOT as an accounting feature.