Mill History

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Clicking the 'History' button on the Mill List screen will display the following screen:





This screen lists all Load Tickets entered for the selected Mill.


You can Edit Saved Tickets from this screen. Double-Click on any ticket or click on a ticket to highlight it and then click the 'Edit' button.


You can sort the grid at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the header name of any column to sort by that column. The grey triangle 11-238-triang_gray will move to the column header that you click on to remind you of the current sorting column. The triangle will point in the direction of the sort. It points up to indicate the sort is Ascending, and it points down to indicate that the sort is Descending.


Once you have the tickets ordered the way you prefer, you can click the 'Print' button to access the Preview, Print and Export option window.




tipsIf you need to filter the ticket history by more than the general History screen, use the Query Load Tickets screen where you can select multiple filters and only see the tickets you really want.