Financial Reports - Deposit Report

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The Deposit Detail Report is an important report for a lot of different reasons. First, after you have entered your payments on the Tract Income Screen and have cleared all of the tickets that are associated with the payments you have entered, you can print this report for a single day and the total should equal the amount of your Daily Deposit Slip. Second, if this report does not balance to your Daily Deposit Slip, it is a clear indication that either you have some Stumpage Rates that need to be updated on the Tract Settlement Rates screen or you have cleared some tickets incorrectly. Third, you can select a range of dates and the report will sub-total by payment dates. It cannot be stressed enough that you should run this report for each deposit you make into the bank; after all, this report is how you will ensure that your data is in balance with your accounting software.






Click the 'Print' button to choose a Report Destination prior to printing the report. Click 'Exit' to return to the Main Menu.


A sample of the report is below: