CCIV Import

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If you have our sister product, CruiseCalc IV for Windows, you can import the basic information from a tally sheet into LoadCalc Professional! as a new Tract. Clicking the 'CCIV Import' button from the Tract List screen and the following list of Tally Sheets will be displayed for you to make your selection. The Tally Sheets will be shown in reverse date order so the latest Tally Sheets will always be listed first. Click on the Tally Sheet you want to import and then click the 'Import' button. LoadCalc Professional! will combine the Clientkey and the Cruise # to create the Tract Id. If this created Tract Id already exists in your Tract List, you will be prompted to enter a new Tract Id. Once you have a unique Tract Id, the new tract will be created and control will return to the Tract List screen.





At this time, LoadCalc Professional! will not import the species records because of possible differences in the Product Ids stored in LoadCalc Professional! and the Species stored in CruiseCalc IV for Windows.